10 Fonts I love

November 1, 2022

This is my shortlist of 10 fonts I love in 2022. You can download most of them for free or for a reasonable fee on Creative Market. Enjoy nerding out on fonts with me.

Montserrat is my go-to all-caps font. It looks amazing as display text or for subheadings. It comes in several different thicknesses, but lately I’ve been loving Montserrat Light. I just started my business in 2022 and this is the font that I used in the CalmContent logo. It feels very soothing to me.

A bold, narrow and sans serif font. I love the Bebas Neu font for headings and logos. In fact, it is the font I used for Salti Yoga Online‘s logo and brand guide. If you want something to be punchy that stands out, this iconic font is for you.

So. Much. Style. Kage Black is a bold serif font that is very groovy. I love using this font for a more vintage or retro aesthetic.

Sage serif is one of the trendiest fonts of 2022. It is simultaneously bold and ultra-thin with lines that can easily be made into ligatures. It’s feminine, stylish and modern.

The Seasons. This classic serif typeface is timeless. It’s stylish in an understated way. I love it for headings.

Alata. Simple, but stylish. I love the contrast of hard angles and rounded edges. I also appreciate the consistent line thickness that this font boasts throughout the entire alphabet.

Mavel comes in several different thicknesses, but Mavel Poster Black is my favourite. I love the drama. It also feels slightly retro to me.

I tend to use script fonts very sparingly. Nautica is an excellent choice for a logo or accent font. It feels luxurious and expensive, like a fancy dark chocolate or bottle of wine. Pairs well with a classic all-caps serif typeface like The Seasons.

Tenderness is an excellent choice for paragraph text. I feel like it is aptly named—it’s soft and small, but with a bit of weight to it. It feels feminine, but without being frilly. I love it’s gentleness.

Bellefair. A medium weight serif font. I find this font to be versatile. It works well for headings and for paragraph text.