January 1, 2023



This is my shortlist of 10 fonts I love in 2023. You can download some of them for free and others on Creative Market.

Harlow. Best serif fonts of 2023 for copy and design.

Obsessed with Harlow. It’s an elegant serif typeface that feels modern and high-end to me. It features a capital A and H that break the rules with slanted lines. It’s fashion-forward, but subtle and without being in-your-face trendy.

Athelas. Best fonts of 2023 for copy and design. 90s italic font.

Athelas italic is straight from the 90s and I’m here for it. This font comes in regular and bold as well, so you can mix and match.

Seawave alternative. Best serif fonts of 2023 for copy and design.

Seawave alternative. In love with this flowy serif typeface. It’s feminine and modern. It’s quirky rounded edges break the rules of most straight-edged serif fonts in such a stylish way.

Athena. Best sans serif fonts of 2023 for copy and design.

Athena. A classy, balanced sans serif font with variable line thicknesses throughout. It’s the perfect combination of bold and minimal to make a statement.

Montserrat. Best sans serif fonts of 2023 for copy and design.

Montserrat forever! This is my go-to all-caps font again, except I’ve been loving the thin thickness this year. It looks amazing as display text or for subheadings. As you may know, I designed my brand in 2022 and this is the font that I used in the CalmContent logo because it makes me feel calm and content.

Milk and Honey. Best retro serif fonts of 2023 for copy and design.

Milk & Honey is a bold serif font. It’s groovy and retro with some quirky letters. I love playing with this font as an outline like I did here with the ampersand.

Made Sonara. Best serif fashion font of 2022 for copy and design.

This classy serif font is straight out of a fashion magazine. It’s very similar to the Vogue font and it exclaims class & style in a sophisticated, timeless voice. I feel like this font is never going out of style.

I tend to use script fonts very sparingly—Herr Von Muellerhoff is my go-to accent script text lately. It feels expensive and has a slightly 90s vibe. Pairs well with a stylish serif font like Made Sonara.

I love New York.

Gofar serif is a trendsetter. Its wavy lines make it a little groovy while its light weight keeps it classy. This typeface has some really unique characters with so much personality. It can be easily modified for a super unique logo.