April 19, 2023

5 Questions Your Home Page Should Answer

How to make a lasting impression

So you got them to visit your website’s home page (woohoo!) Here are 5 important questions you should answer on your home page so you can make a lasting impression and convert leads into clients.


The first thing people want to know when they land on the home page of your website is who you are. Putting a friendly face to your brand and sharing a little bit about you can add a nice personal, human touch. This is especially important if people will be interacting with you directly if they engage with your business. Leave them wanting more—make this a brief and memorable introduction, and save your full story for your about page.


Whether they googled photographer in my area, came across you on instagram or heard about you from a friend, there’s a chance that when someone lands on your homepage, they already have a general idea of what you offer. Let them know right away what you specialize in and what’s unique about your offerings. Include the general search keyword and expand on it in 1-3 sentences. E.g. Photographer of Intimate Weddings and Elopements in Cape Cod and Beyond. Show me the love and I’ll capture the moment on film.


Reassure them that they’re in the right place and speak to their needs. This is the part where you speak directly to your dream client and let them know that you’re a perfect fit for each other. Describe your ideal client and what they might be in search of so that they resonate with you instantly. This is important because when you try to aim your offerings at everyone, they won’t resonate with anyone in particular. So be specific about what it is that your ideal client desires.

This part can be tricky if you want to attract your dream client, but also not repel a perfectly good paying client who would be pleasant to work with. You do not have to niche all the way down, especially if you have a variety of different things to offer. I’m in this predicament too! I love working with wedding photographers, but I also love the opportunity to collaborate with all kinds of different people and projects. I don’t want to discourage people from reaching out to me, so instead of specializing in website design for photographers, I make it clear on my home page that I offer website design for creatives which can encompass a lot of different industries.

If your business doesn’t have a niche, that’s okay! Speak to your ideal client as a person. Consider who you want to serve in terms of their personality traits, their style, their desires and their problems. You can be specific while still being inclusive.


How will your offering make your ideal client’s life better? Tell them how they’ll benefit before you tell them the features of your offering. Psychologically, consumers want to know how they can benefit from a product or service first and then they will decide whether the features are worth it. So, tell your ideal client how you can meet their needs and save the specific features for your pricing page.


Hook them before they bounce off your website! Give them a clear call to action. It might be super obvious to you, but it might not be to the person perusing your website. If they have to think about it or scroll back up to the top of your page and make a decision about what to do next, you’ve lost them. Guide them (very obviously!) to the next step, whether that’s contacting you to book*, viewing your portfolio, browsing your products, etc. Do not give them to many options! We humans have very short attention spans, so fewer choices will help people make a decision more easily—and faster.

*As a rule, give them the main call to action after you’ve answered the first 4 questions so they’re ready for it!

Need help answering these questions and tying them into a stunning website design? I know someone who can help! Drop me a line. I’d love to hear about your business.