April 19, 2023

Does My Website Need A Refresh?

What's wrong with your website and how to fix it!

If you don’t feel proud of your website, it’s time for a website design and copy refresh. Maybe you’ve stuck with your existing website design because you’ve already invested time and money into it, and it’s good enough. If you want to make a great impression online and convert visitors to clients, you’ve got to wow them with your website. Here’s why:

  • Most people search google before they make a decision to purchase (online or in person)
  • People will assess the credibility of your business based on how your website looks.
  • 79% of visitors will bounce if your website doesn’t impress them right away.

Here are some common problems I see with good enough websites:

Problem 1: Your website looks outdated.

You sort of have a brand, but it’s not cohesive across all platforms. Your website doesn’t match your social media and you just picked the default font that came with your website template a few years ago which is now looking a little outdated.

Solution: Hire a brand and website designer so your visual identity looks awesome and consistent across all platforms.

Problem 2: Your website doesn’t flow.

It’s not user-friendly or easy to navigate because it wasn’t designed with the user in mind. It doesn’t have clear calls-to-action that guide me through each page or tell me exactly what I should do next.

Solution: Add clear calls-to-action to every page that tell your ideal clients what to do next.

Problem 3: Your website lacks content.

There’s not much to see or read and it doesn’t inspire me to interact with it. You’re creating amazing stuff and you have so much beautiful content on your social media, but you just haven’t had the time to comb through your website and add your new work to it.

Solution: Update your website! Add your new work to it and give website visitors more to scroll through and click on.

Problem 4: Your website looks the same as your competitors.

Maybe you used a template that other people in your industry have also used (I’m such a DIY person, so I get it!) or perhaps you looked to other industry leaders for inspiration, but now your website just doesn’t stand out.

Solution: Look for inspiration outside of your industry. Hire a professional website designer (me!)

Problem 5: Your website isn’t showing up on Google.

You’re not on the first page—you’re not even on the first 5 pages when you search Google for your industry (or the keywords your ideal client will be searching for). Have you ever sifted through that many pages of Google to find what you’re looking for? Me neither. Your website is less effective if it’s not ranking on Google.

Solution: Set up your SEO or hire someone to do it for you (me again!) Make sure you’ve set up your free Google Business Listing and ask someone to give you a Google Review. Like right now, go do it!

Did you find this blog post helpful? I would greatly appreciate a Google Review from you if you did <3

Side note: Here are 5 Questions Your Home Page Should Answer. Your brand deserves a professional website that’s user friendly, looks immaculate and feels like you. If you’re ready to take your brand and website to the next level, please reach out to me here and tell me about your business!

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