April 21, 2023

7 Ways to Improve Your SEO with Your Google Business Listing

How To Rank Higher On Google

There are so many simple things you can do to improve your SEO today. One of them is by updating your Google Business Listing. Updating your Google Business Listing on a somewhat regular basis is important because it tells Google that you are relevant and provides your potential clients with proof of life. If your first thought is, What’s a Google Business Listing? Set it up here for free! If you already have a Google Business Listing, one that’s perhaps collecting dust, here’s a checklist of ways you can maximize your SEO with it (and you can complete them all in less than an hour!):

1. Add new professional photos to your listing

Since customers can add photos of your business when they leave you a review, sometimes photos you wouldn’t consider to be your absolute best get in the mix. Make sure you occasionally add fresh photos so that your very best ones show up first.

2. List all of your services

If you’re a Halifax Website Designer, make sure your listing says that as your main offering. You can also add other services that people might be searching Google for like, Graphic Designer, SEO Expert, Brand Designer, Website Copywriter, etc. Expand on your offerings.

3. Expand on your business description

Instead of writing Candid Wedding Photographer, be a little more friendly and detailed about who you are and what you do: Hi! I’m Lydia. I’m a creative wedding photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. Capturing candid emotions between you and your loved-ones, and honouring light are important to me.

4. Add FAQs to your Google Business Listing

When you Google yourself, see where it says Ask a question? Click on it and add some FAQs. It might seem silly to ask yourself questions and then answer them, but FAQs are a great way to share useful information that’s packed with the keywords your ideal client will be searching for. (If you don’t already have FAQs on your website, you should definitely add them!)

5. Make sure your branding is consistent

Make your cover photo the same as the first photo on your website. Update your logo to your current one. Make sure your business looks the same across all platforms so that you are instantly recognizable.

6. Add a post

Make a post about your recent work that includes a photo and a caption. You can even just replicate a social media post here.

7. Ask for Google Reviews

I know, I know, asking for compliments is the worst. When I ask people for Google Reviews, I keep in mind that anytime I leave someone a review, I always feel like I did a good deed. If people are happy with your work, they’ll be happy to leave you a review. Since people are busy, make it as easy as possible for them. Pro-tip: go to your Google Business Listing, click on your reviews and you’ll find a button that says Get More Reviews. It gives you a link that you can copy and paste so that you can send people directly to the place where they can leave you a glowing review. Just do it!

Search Engine Optimization isn’t a one-and-done task; it’s a whole bunch of small tasks that you need to do on an ongoing basis to remind the internet that you’re still relevant. If you’d like to give your website a full SEO tune-up please reach out to me here. Did you find this blog post helpful? I would greatly appreciate a Google Review from you if you did <3