July 20, 2023

How To Brighten Your Website Bio

The key to writing an impactful bio: tell us what you do while weaving in who you are

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Writing about yourself sucks. If the thought of having to write a bio about all of your professional accolades and how you’re so successful and accomplished makes you cringe, I feel you! Here are a few prompts to get you started on writing your professional bio in a way that is engaging and memorable. Your website bio doesn’t need to read like a resume—you can be professional and still have a personality. Here’s how:

Tell us a story

If a loved-one asked you why you do what you do for work, what would you tell them? What led you here? What makes you keep doing it everyday?

List some things that are meaningful to you

What’s important to you in this life? What brings you joy? How do you spend most of your time? What can’t you live without? What’s a song or album that’s a timeless favourite of yours?

Tell us something about yourself that people who don’t know you wouldn’t expect

Did you used to do something completely different from what you do now? Did you go to school for something else? Have you lived somewhere else? Do you have a quirky hobby?

Skip the coffee order

Have you read a million bios that say “Coffee Lover”? Me too. For the love of oat milk, please don’t make us read another bio that tells us your Starbucks order. Unless you’re in the business of coffee, it’s not important. You might think it’s super relatable because almost everyone likes coffee (I sure do!), but this is exactly what makes it mundane.

Be yourself

If you’re funny, prove it. If you’re sensitive and emotional, tell us what moves you. If you’re an introvert, tell us how you recharge. Maybe you’re all of those things. The key to writing an impactful bio is to tell us what you do while weaving in who you are.

If you’re a creative and you want to brighten up your professional bio so that it actually feels like you, I’d love to write a new bio for you! Please reach out to me here and tell me a little bit about you and your business.