Hi, I'm Kayla


kayla stanistreet


I'm a freelance copywriter and website designer with a knack for branding. I live on Nova Scotia's beautiful South Shore with my partner and our two cats. My resume is packed with slightly random experiences that have led me to this moment and taught me the skills I have today. I’ve performed as an aerial circus artist, owned two yoga studios, served tables, created an online yoga streaming platform, operated an airbnb, worked as a videographer, moonlighted as a hand model and so much more.* I have a curiosity for life, an appreciation for gentle rebellion, and protecting my own peace is a priority. I also have a strong sense of design, I pay attention to detail and I love to create.

*None of these skill sets were acquired during my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Trent University. However, I did learn how to write and communicate quite well!

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